Tip for how to add online signups for events

Google Forms LogoMy favorite approach is to use Google Forms. I am also a scout leader and we use Google Forms on our website to create signups for all of our events. However, we don’t accept payments that way. For payment we put a message on the form and confirmation page with instructions on how to mail payment or pay on the website through a more generic PayPal link. The reason that we like it so much is that it makes it easy to view the results because they show up in a simple spreadsheet. We have also used this approach for our congregation┬ábut it is not as popular because we have more people with limited computer skills. For scouts we have not had a problem with only having online registrations but the demographics are different for parents versus a whole congregation.

BTW, the URLs above were very long so I fed them into goo.gl which will give you a nice short URL and also let you track how many people have clicked on the link.

Dan Flippo